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Wells Fargo has long been committed to United Way’s mission of improving lives and building stronger communities. Their focus is on helping individuals and families get on more solid financial ground.

In Des Moines, Wells Fargo has helped fuel an initiative that's boosting job skills. Working with employers and the community college, United Way of Central Iowa has helped more than 2,600 people get job training. Around 600 people have obtained jobs as a result, and more than 400 have earned pay raises because of their improved skills.

That's just one reason we've recognized Wells Fargo as an Outstanding Strategic Partner, celebrating its leadership, long-term commitment, volunteering and employee engagement.

In 2015, Wells Fargo was recognized for corporate social responsibility engagement, or the way its goals intersect with United Way’s and how its support impacts United Way projects and practices. Across the U.S., Wells Fargo and United Way have created a Financial Capability Network to strengthen individuals, families and communities. So far, nearly 90,000 people have benefited from financial wellness classes, budget workshops, 1-on-1 coaching and other services, and more than 20,000 low-wage families have taken significant steps toward financial stability.

Wells Fargo employees are deeply engaged in United Way’s work. In 2016, they volunteered 1.74 million hours. For eight straight years, they have had the largest annual workplace giving campaign. Team members set a company record by pledging $98.87 million to 30,000 nonprofits and schools. And the company steps up in times of need, like donating $100,000, volunteer work and more after a devastating flood in India.

Wells Fargo

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